Video Sermons

Disciples under lockdown
How are you using this time of waiting?

God does the unexpected
May Lloyd: God is disruptive

God's promises for troubling times
the Baptist Missionary Society

GRACE is the only ESCAPE-FROM-HELL-FREE card (Conclusion)
Des Watt invites us to leave burdens with Jesus

GRACE is the only ESCAPE-FROM-HELL-FREE card (Part 2)
Des Watt: Grace diffuses God's wrath

Jesus really is the best name
Rober van der weyer. Based on Ephesians 2;19-22, and Philippians 2;6-11

Peter's miraculous escape
John Chambers sees prayer as the key that unlocked the prison door

Seeing The Light
Jesus healed the man born blind: He can let you see the light

We are the harvest
John Chambers