Video Sermons

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A promise from God
Trevor Dearing on Isaiah 26;3 and other promises
Duration: 19.30

All for the good
David West on Romans 8: 28 and Galatians 4:1-7
Duration: 32.00

apart from JESUS, Daniel is my NUMBER 1
Carrie Lloyd
Duration: 21.39

Be Not Afraid
May Lloyd says there is no need for a Christian to worry about dying
Duration: 8.25

Be open to the Holy Spirit
Robert van der Weyer on Serendipity
Duration: 20.00

Christians are Ladies in Waiting
Robert van der Weyer: The relationship of the Christian to God
Duration: 12.00

Citizens of the Kingdom of God
Trevor Dearing says a Christian's true allegiance is to the Kingdom of God
Duration: 36.30

Count your blessings
John Chambers on Psalm 103
Duration: 13.00

Disciples under lockdown
How are you using this time of waiting?
Duration: 6.46