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Healing Ministry at Stamford Free Church

We have now entered a new phase of the healing ministry.  John Chambers and May Lloyd are involved in the ministry.  This is now the Free Church's ministry of healing. 

Ministry is available to anyone who has need, and can also be given as a proxy ministry for a friend, relative or acquaintance.  This is a New Testament model for healing ministry.  It will involve the laying on of hands after the morning service.

It can be repeated as often as the seeker requires and can involve intensive prayer in the Prayer Room for anything which is on the seeker's heart and mind. It will not involve anointing with oil unless this is particularly asked for. 

The leadership team are keen that this shall be a frequent ministry and that seekers should not use it only once but as often as they feel led, remembering that Jesus said: keep on seeking, asking and knocking and it will be opened to you.

This is a real step forward for the church, is entirely Biblical and we hope you will join in praying that your special prayer will be answered.  It will always take place in the privacy of the Prayer Room and we pray it will be a real breakthrough in the ministry of the church.


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