Prayer Point



Ebrahim Firouzi was released from Rajaei Shahr prison in Karaj,

 where he’d been imprisoned for five years, on 26 October, but will

 now begin to serve two years’ internal exile in Sarbaz on the border

with Pakistan.

He was sentenced on charges of ‘propaganda against the Islamic Republic’,

‘launching and directing evangelism’ and ‘running a Christian website’,

‘actions against national security’, ‘being present at an illegal gathering’

and ‘collusion with foreign entities.’ While Ebrahim was still in prison,

his mother died from cancer – he was not permitted to attend her funeral.

Ebrahim asks for prayer for a friend in prison with urgent needs, and for himself, for patience.

Please pray:

  • For God to go before and behind Ebrahim in all things – especially as he enters this time of exile
  • That Ebrahim will enjoy the opportunity to meet with family and friends before leaving for exile, that he will be able to find a place to rent and work in Sarbaz and that God will make it a place of blessing
  • For nine other Christians who were each sentenced last month to five years in prison for ‘acting against national security’.
  • That Iranian Christians will no longer be persecuted because of their faith

Christians make up less than one per cent of the population, but it is believed that the number of converts is increasingly rapidly. A new documentarySheep Among Wolves, has been produced by Frontier Alliance International about large numbers of Iranians converting to Christianity.